English 10 Honors - Kimball
(Eng 10H)

English 10 Honors:  Course Description

The goals of English 10 Honors include preparing the student to articulate the subtleties and complexities of language through close readings of poetry, drama, short stories, and novels of the English canon as well as through analysis, synthesis, and evaluation in writing and literature.  The class will emphasize the lively discussion of ideas, and how the effective formulation of language and literature are engaged in our culture.

English 10 Honors:  Goals and Objectives

  1. read authentic text, and understand the benefits through exposure to the richness of literature and develop language awareness, language competence, vocabulary assimilation, familiarity with test-taking skills and strategies.
  2. develop global comprehension and understanding of culture.
  3. involve pupils in the selection of the text and class formatting in order to give pupils a sense of ownership and responsibility.
  4. elicit vocabulary growth, introduce characters and setting, make predictions about genre and using prior knowledge to contextualize a story and to relate it to what is already understood.